About Us and Lake Fork

Established by the Texas Parks and Wildlife in 1979, Lake Fork was designed as a premier bass fishing lake with 732,514 Florida Black Bass stocked from 1979 through 1987. Lake Fork offers excellent fish habitat with 80% standing timber left intact, and hydrilla, milfoil, and duckweed being the predominant vegetation. The lake currently holds records for 34 out of the Top 50 and 15 of the top 20 Texas State Record Largemouth Bass. Other species of fish include Catfish, Black and White Crappie, Sunfish, and Bluegill. The predominant food source for the larger fish is Shad, Minnows, and Crawfish. Many of the Big Bass tournaments are held on this lake several times a year.

My husband (Mike) and I are Lake Fork locals who love to share the laid-back and relaxing lifestyle of the area with our guests. As the owners of two RV parks, we help visitors create lasting memories of their time at the lake.

Growing up on Cape Cod, my family owned a colony of 14 cottages, so I’ve been involved in the vacation rental market since I was 5 years old. That experience has taught me how to give guests an escape that they’ll love and remember forever.

Now that we’re semi-retired, we spend our free time riding our Harley Davidsons and traveling the country on our motorcycles for months at a time.

We look forward to hosting you and showing you the beauty of Lake Fork!